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from the inside out.
Don't change who you are.
Become MORE of who you are.

Marketing yourself isn't hard, it's just not easy, without a plan.

Cookie-cutter personas are a dime a dozen. And frankly, everyone is starting to sound and look the same.  We've been convinced that we have to be runway-ready in every image. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Branding is more than a headshot, q logo and a website – it is the WHOLE experience that someone has with you, your service, or your product.


Branding is personal. Branding is how you make a connection and create a series of impressions with that prospect or buyer.

Figure out what makes you fascinating.

Be crystal clear on whom you serve.

Focus on what matters to them and how you can help.

That's your Meraki blueprint – your edge – in a noisy world. 


Are you a small business owner? Are you building a business as a consultant, coach, or financial professional? 


Do you struggle with...

  • your messaging and what to say?

  • defining your target audience?

  • understanding where to find that audience?

  • creating quality content vs more noise?

  • establishing a posting rhythm?

  • building a signature style that's truly you?

  • how NOT to be another cookie-cutter social persona?


If you are ready to build the best brand of YOU, then this program is the next step.





My business truly is me and Lori’s guidance helped me gain confidence by connecting the dots in my brand, from website to social media. I am truly grateful.

Lori is a creative genius. Her mind thinks of things that I could never think up on my own! 

She is excellent at what she does and was able to open my eyes to tactics that I never would have thought of. Lori came up with ideas to ensure I could market myself in a very genuine way.


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