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Workcation Day #1

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

There comes a time when you need to take time to focus on yourself and your business(es) as if you were being paid to do it.

Vacation: A predetermined number of days spent away from home and work, traveling, or in recreation; 2) a scheduled period during which activity is suspended.

Staycation: the word above, only spent at home, visiting local attractions.

Workcation: Taking time away from doing billable client work to focus on one's own business as if it was billable work.

The idea for a workcation came to me last week, as I stared at a pristine sheet of paper. I desperately needed to capture and reorganize (for the 10th time) all these "unfinished things" rattling around in my head. So I made a grid to plot out financial, business, personal development and health habits, tasks, goals and priorities that needed resolution (doesn't everyone plot things on a grid?). The overflowing boxes suggested that I have no shortage of ideas. I certainly have the ability to spark them into existence, but executing and completing my own marketing and branding projects always seem to take a back seat. If only... I had uninterrupted time. If only... I could clear the deck and F.O.C.U.S. If only... (insert another excuse here). IF ONLY... I worked for ME the way I work for my clients. (Light bulb moment!) And so it begins. 7 days of workcation. Wish me luck. Follow along. Join me.


Lori Blatt is a Serial Creative, Branding Intuitive, Content Creator, 17-year WFH Business Owner, Resister of the Oxford Comma, Tiny House Enthusiast, Wellness Advocate, Reiki Practitioner, Dog Lover and Old Soul (the order varies daily).


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