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Dear Soul...

I SEE you. In the blur of Pinterest perfection, LinkedIn success and Facebook emoji happiness, there has been this rallying call to be your authentic self. The fact that we must call for authenticity is in itself troubling. I’ll save that for another day.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone say, “I SEE you.”

I SEE that you are sad today. I believe that tomorrow will be brighter — how can I help?

I SEE that you have made tremendous strides in your (insert X…career, recovery, education, marriage, etc.) and I’m so proud of you.

I SEE your grief as you try to learn the new normal after the loss of someone you loved. I can’t replace them, but I can hold space for you when you need it.

I SEE your imperfections and flaws. I have them too. We can learn so much if we have the courage to sit with them.

I SEE that you are differently-able. Those challenges don’t diminish your worth. They make you unique. They give you a level of perspective “the rest of us” cannot fully grasp.

I SEE your fear of the unknown and the uncomfortable. I have fears too. Let’s face them together.

I SEE you are overwhelmed. There is always a hand here to pull you through, just reach for it.

I SEE you when you think that no one else does.

Being alone is not the problem. It’s being in a room full of people and not being SEEN. It’s not about craving attention. It’s about being valued. Tell someone today that you value them.

That you are grateful for them — just as they are.


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