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Creative Strategist & Intuitive Brand Builder

Serial creative. Brand builder. Marketing maven. Dog lover. Reiki practitioner. Margarita aficionado. Old soul. The order varies daily.

My career began in graphic design and evolved into opportunities to be a copywriter and creative strategist. I have managed art departments, been responsible for business development, acted as an account executive, and developed marketing plans for multi-million dollar b2b companies.

Self-employed since 2003, I've been in your shoes. I've taken the risks, made ALL the mistakes, and figured out how to thrive.

The world of marketing has changed so much since I began my career. The dawn of social media has morphed from a way to find and catch up with high school friends to a dynamic business tool.

The great thing about social is it gave everyone a chance to be heard. The bad thing about social is it gave everyone a chance to be loud. And it's gotten to be a noisy world out there.  So what is a small business owner to do?

  • Get clear on YOU, WHAT you offer, and to WHOM.

  • Get clear on HOW you deliver value and what sets you apart.

  • Branding is personal.

  • Marketing is strategic.

  • Advertising is tangible.

If you don't have a handle on your brand, your marketing efforts will be scattered and advertising will be a waste of your money.

Building a business is the hardest and MOST gratifying thing you’ll ever do. Get started (or rebrand) by creating your Meraki Blueprint!

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