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Ode to a Friend

He was devoted.

Always punctual. In the office before me without fail. When I worked late, so did he. No complaints. Just a stoic, reassuring presence, even during all-nighters.

He was always game for traveling with me — trips to Florida, the Poconos, and even three years’ worth of long weekends working from my mother’s house when her health was declining.

Never called in sick for a bug or virus. Willing to work holidays. Just a workhorse.

There was always a warm glow to his countenance. Never said much, but I could tell he was always processing something. I admired his capacity for data and technical prowess.

He had a way of making me look good, yet never wanted the spotlight. He was happiest being plugged into the latest creative project.

But over the last 2 years, I noticed him slowing down.

A confusing display of scatteredness now and then. I would coax him back out of the daze and he’d be all in again — at least for a while. Frozen stares became increasingly more common, lasting longer. I did my best to look past what was happening. Frankly, I was in denial.

Then last week, we hit our breaking point. After a grueling 3 hours to complete the simplest of tasks, we both knew it was time for me to let him go.

So to my trusty sidekick,

Thank you for being my silent business partner and loyal co-creator since 2010. Ours is a bond no PC could ever come close to replicating.

Thank you for 13 YEARS of reliable service and unbridled buy-in to my crazy ideas. Together we were a creative force. You my friend have left big shoes to fill.

If the adage holds true that ‘the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ — and your replacement lasts even half as long — I’ll be doubly blessed.

RIP iMac 2010–2023


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*Written from my heart & experience, no AI needed.

(^ future article right there)

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