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Do you have Forward Tilt?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Forward tilt means literally extending past a center line. And for our conversation here it means leaning into whatever lights you up and being ready to jump on opportunities.

A fitting topic for the start of the new year, don’t you think?

I stumbled across the concept of Forward Tilt (and the book of the same name) from an insightful young man, wise beyond his years. His name is Isaac Morehouse. He hit my radar when I saw him on a TV interview, talking about a unique program he created to give high school students an alternative path to choosing a career through hands-on work experience rather than (or before) incurring college debt.

Honestly, Isaac had me hooked on his LinkedIn headline, ‘Building the world I want to live in.’

While I bought the book several months ago I decided to wait to read — and apply — it in the manner Isaac intended. His instructions to the reader are to absorb one chapter each week, sit with the message, make notes, ponder its impact and take action. There is an emphasis on the ‘take action’ part. The book has 52 chapters — perfect to start with the new year. Short chapters, many just one page, tee up a provocative question to explore about ourselves and the world around us. And while I gave up on resolutions a long time ago, I definitely was called to start this exercise on January 1.

So as I embark on my 2023 Forward Tilt journey, I’m sharing the first chapter from the book because it resonates so deeply with what I do for my brand clients and connects back to my own business journey.

Isaac serves up the two biggest secrets to success:

  1. What can you do that is of value to others?

  2. How well do you signal that value to the right people?

Isaac also writes, “There is no cheat or lottery ticket approach that will make you magically appear more valuable.” It takes exploration, awareness, and a willingness to jettison ourselves from the comfort zone of mediocrity and embrace what truly makes us different.

But Lori, I’m happy here. Why do I need to think beyond what I’ve been asked to do?

If we are honest with ourselves, our default approach to our work is transactional. It’s a to-do list, an agenda, orchestrated steps within a big plan broken out in a spreadsheet with due dates. Is there a certain level of satisfaction in completing the to-do list? Of course! Personally, I’m wired to rejoice in completing a list. However, we often do things to get’er done with no thought to “what is the value in doing this?”

Value is NOT transactional. Value is transformational.

Instead of another bullet list meeting agenda, what if you asked… How can I help the team think and work differently during the next meeting?

Instead of pushing a client through your sales process, what if you asked What could we work on today that would set you up for an amazing month ahead?

Instead of reciting a dry job description when you meet someone new, what if you shared… How you deliver value and change the game rather than what you do for a paycheck?

Whether you have your own business or work for a company, truly understanding how YOU deliver value to those around you — your team, your audience, your prospects, and your clients — is fundamental to sustainable success.

Hard Truth

If you can’t carve out the intrinsic value you deliver, express it, and own it in all its dimensions, you will be stuck operating as an order taker forever battling distraction, commoditization, and competition. Just another LinkedIn profile in a sea of professionals waving their arms frantically, saying “over here, look at me, I can help!”

Take another look at those 2 secrets above… Can you easily answer #1 or do you struggle to define it? Got a large network to amplify #2, but no one knows how, to whom or why to refer you? Or are you wrestling with both secrets of success?

In an environment where we are taught to fit in, not make waves, and just do as we’re told, showcasing our unique value feels bold, brazen, and even risky.

Guess what? The world needs more bold people like you stepping up and standing out in a world filled with not-so-fascinating noise.

If you’re not sure this Forward Tilt is happening, if you are hesitant or if you feel it but struggle to show it, I’d love to hear from you.


I make consultant & coaching brands more fascinating so they can BE the expert their ideal client can’t do without. Invest 30 minutes with me to answer 3 revealing questions and determine if your brand is helping you stand out or is it holding you back.


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