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Where will your blueprint take you?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mountain? Lakeside? Beach? It’s still all about location, location location.

For me, the location decision came to me in June of 1984.

What happens when the blueprint changes?

It was the first time I had ever traveled to a beach that was not the Jersey shore. I fell in love with Sanibel instantly. The laid back energy. The white sand. The calm water. The gentle slope into the gulf. The sandbars. Even that challenging two feet swath of shells that tortured my sensitive soles and made me look like I was transversing hot coals - so worth it.

It was just a vacation spot then, but over the years it became much more. It became a part of my soul. A place where all my head trash ceased to exist and the zoo that is my creative mind becomes still. It IS my happy place.

I share this because I believe we all have that place.

For some, it may also be a favorite beach spot. Perhaps it’s a lake where you built memories as a kid on family vacations. Or maybe it’s a mountain retreat where you feel a little closer to the sky. It could even be a destination that requires a plane ticket and a passport. The point is it doesn’t matter where it is, just that you know what it is.

Why is this so important? It’s the first step to building YOUR blueprint for YOUR ideal life.

Far too many people have become zombies in the illusion of safety “promised” by their 9-5 jobs. Let’s be honest here for a moment.

Baby boomers (dates) - add scenario

Gen Z (dates) - add scenario

Gen Y (dates) - add scenario

Millenials (dates) - add scenario

What’s after Millenials?

I started this blog because I realized I was not alone. I was not the only one that had my sense of security - as false as it was - stripped from me with a sudden health scare. I saw friends of my sister long for early retirement only to realize they had to stay until they were 65 and qualified for Medicare, otherwise their pension would be eaten up by their cobra premium.


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