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When you do something you genuinely believe in and love doing, it shows. 
Marketing your business no longer feels like a chore.
Instead, it just flows.

That's what building a Meraki Blueprint can do.


The Branding Audit & Visual Report

How are you showing up?  Really?

Often we start using social media for personal use. Then we introduce a business. We create separate profiles. We dabble in multiple platforms, with various messages.


Over time, this trial and error creates a disconnect and brand identity confusion. And THAT not only makes marketing tedious & overwhelming, but it is bad for business.

GOOD NEWS! It is fixable. With a complete snapshot of your current social blueprint and we will work together to identify HOW you are showing up vs WHO you want to be. We will nail down WHO your ideal client is. Because if you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one. 

Image by Andrew Neel

Brand Coaching Plans

You have your report in your hands. The 30-day checklist. On our review call, everything made sense. You could see the gaps and how to close them. And now, that clarity has faded, leaving you with more questions than answers. You are not sure where to start. You are ready to retreat.

Not so fast. You have come so far! All you need is structure, rhythm and a guide to help you get your branding journey started. 

My 3-month and 6-month brand coaching plans fill that void, providing the creative brainstorming and sense of ownership you need to make real progress on building a brand that fuels your business.

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